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  • Must be 18 or over and live close to the Annapolis area.

  • Resume and experience are not needed.
    If you have had cats before and are obsessed with them, thats all we need.

  • Understand that each volunteer shift you accept will be a minimum of 3 hours. There will be morning and night shifts.

  • We know you are graciously donating your time to the cats. You will have duties like scooping poops, feeding, sweeping, and answering any questions our guests may have about the kitties. Otherwise, spend the rest of the time loving on the cats.

  • Please include links to your social media, we need to make sure you’re not a cat hater or into anything sketchy.

  • We will never accept racist, sexist, or homophobic volunteers. We are accepting of everyone and we don’t need people coming in with hate, stress, or bad vibes.

  • One person allowed per volunteer shift.
    We have a small space and cannot accommodate more than one volunteer along with our staff during any given shift. So we would not be able to allow parents with underage kids to volunteer together because it would be too crowded.

  • If all of that sounds great, please submit our volunteer application!

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