What is a cat cafe?

A magical place where you can relax with adoptable cats in a cafe setting. Enjoy coffee, tea, pastieres all with cats by your side! We provide a safe, clean, happy cage-free environment for AACSPCA kitties! Come curl up with a book, homework, play a board game, or just hang out with cats! The concept orginated in Asia and is quickly spreading to the US!

Are the cats adoptable?

Yes!! All of our cats come from Anne Arundel County's SPCA! To start the process fill out this form: HERE.

How many cats do you house?

We currently have 12 in house! We hope to eventually house 12-16.

Can I bring my own cat?

Unfortuantely no, all of our cats are pre-screened to ensure they get along with each other and humans. Adding a new cat to the mix could be seen as intrusive to the cat "family". We also want to ensure optimal health since diseases spread quick alongst cats and are usually hard to treat. We would however love to see photos or videos of your darlings!

Is there an age limit?

Yes. No one under the age of 7 will be allowed in the cat room. In addition, anyone under the age of 15 will not be admitted without an adult over 18.

Do I have to pay to get into the cat lounge?

Yes. We will have different charge packages available. This will assist in taking care of our cats by providing them with food, toys, litter and a roof over their furry heads.



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Hailey Taylor is a Freelance Illustrator and Founder of Kittens In Cups. She graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art where she recieved her BFA in Illustration. She enjoys creating whimsical pieces of work and is a craftoholic. She is an obsessive crazy cat lady with four of her own little darlings. She is passionate about promoting positivity in her community, and hopes to provide a relaxing and comfortable environment for both animal lovers and feline friends.
Caroline is a fun loving girl who has always been a cat lover. The first crew member of the kittens in cups team, she prides herself on her cat whispering abilities. When she's not cuddling cats, she's studying psychology at Anne Arundel Community College.